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The Palestinian Professional Players Association (PPPA) held an informative, interactive session with the Palestine national team players on Monday February 25th, 2013 in Jericho City, Palestine. The national team is preparing for the trip to the Challenge Cup tournament in Nepal.


The session focused on discussing the main advantages of the Association for protecting players rights. Critical issues in players contracts such as injury, contract termination and players’ salaries were addressed during the session.


The president of the association, Rami Rabi, explained to the players the benefits of establishing the Association. He familiarized them on how the Association could improve and protect their rights according to the FIFA minimum contract requirements issued for the professional football players worldwide.


Rabi also assured them that the PPPA is about to become a special member of FIFPro, the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players. This means that in the near future the PPPA will secure the same commitments and rights as there are for all other players in the world without discrimination


Rabi made it clear to the players that the PPPA will do their upmost to assist all professional players of the Association and that the Association will be their main source of support. Their rights, as professional players, must be recognized and protected such as ‘freedom of movement’ (movement between West Bank and Gaza Strip). He also assured players that two main objectives by the PPPA should be achieved:

  1. Establishing a secure career path for all players
  2. Building a brighter future for Palestinian Footballers


The Association representative also explained to the players that all sorts of bargaining agreements will be discussed with other parties and the FA to ensure that all players receive their full rights.


The session was concluded with great, positive feedback from the more than 20 national team players who attended the meeting. They showed their support for the idea, promising their continuous commitment and active participation in expanding the Association.