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FIFPro strongly urges FIFA and UEFA to take a stand regarding the physical abuse on Spartak Gogniev and the Russian Football Federation disciplinary committee ruling. FIFPro will show FIFA and UEFA a video with footage of the attack on the FC Krasnodar player.


‘FIFA and UEFA must deal with this’, says Dejan Stefanovic, spokesman of FIFPro’s Task Force Eastern Europe. ‘We will show FIFA’s and UEFA ‘s Secretary Generals and the members of both Executive Committees a video of the incident, because this incident and the way the Russian Federation has handled Gogniev’s case need to be discussed by the Executive Committees of both FIFA and UEFA. These Executive Committees must also force their bodies to come into action.’


FIFPro is still astonished by the ruling made by the Russian Federation (RFS) disciplinary committee in the Gogniev case.


On Friday November 4th, FC Krasnodar captain Spartak Gogniev was sent off with two yellow cards for arguing with the referee during an away match against the Terek Grozny reserve team. Before leaving the pitch he gave the referee a shove while arguing with opponents.


At the edge of the pitch Gogniev was stopped by people who first started an argument with him and then attacked him. After being punched several times Spartak Gogniev managed to escape into the players’ tunnel. Once there, he was apprehended by a group of men dressed in police uniforms, who proceeded to beat him with batons.




Spartak Gogniev suffered several broken ribs, concussion, a broken nose, and several serious injuries as a result of the incident. The 30-year-old former Russian international had to undergo surgery.


The disciplinary committee of the Russian FA handed Gogniev a six-game ban and fined him 1,200 euro. Terek were fined 12,000 euro while the club's reserve coach and administrator each received a 12-month ban from the game for their role in the attack on the player. The Terek Grozny reserve team must also play two games on another ground.


FIFPro cannot accept this ruling. A player was beaten up and the club who might be held responsible was only mildly sanctioned. The Russian Federation showed how little respect it has for players' rights.


FIFPro trusts FIFA and UEFA to respect the rights of a professional footballer. FIFPro urges FIFA and UEFA to criticize the Russian Federation. FIFA and UEFA refusing to interfere sends a clear message: FIFA and UEFA apparently accept the Russian FA's ruling.


On behalf of all professional footballers in the world, FIFPro would like to strongly emphasize its concern about professional footballers' safety in Russia.


The physical abuse suffered by Spartak Gogniev is added motivation for FIFPro to finish the Black book for Eastern Europe. Currently, the FIFPro Eastern Europe Task Force is analyzing all information that footballers from Eastern Europe have supplied. FIFPro hopes to present the Eastern Europe Black book in late January 2012. The abuse suffered by Spartak Gogniev will be just one of many disturbing incidents in its contents…


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