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This year’s first information-gathering tour of the 16 club teams in the first professional football division, a cycle of visits that the Peruvian Association of Professional Football Players (SAFAP) has been making for several seasons now, culminated in the recent visit by directors Fernando Revilla and Renzo Sanguineti to the Cobresol team in the city of Moquegua.


‘One of the topics discussed with the Cobresol players, as well as with other clubs, was an expression of congratulations from the SAFAP board of management to all professionals on the solidarity they showed during the February strike, before the start of the 2012 championship’, said general manager Fernando Revilla. ‘It should be emphasized that professional football players once more expressed their commitment and their total backing for the union.’


Another among the topics of vital importance for the unionized players was to give former players and current players for Universitario de Deportes, Alianza Lima and Sport Boys, details of the intervention by INDECOPI (the national regulator of competition) with those clubs.


Besides explaining the status of complaints about outstanding debts, these working meetings basically serve to provide guidance to new professional players; updating data, giving general information to all members, and presenting the statutes of the professional player to newcomers and to foreigners who have come to the country for the first time.


Revilla: ‘SAFAP feels very gratified by the massive backing from both the players and the trainers of all the teams visited by its leaders.’






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