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The professional football players of the 16 clubs in Peru’s first division have voted for the best SAFAP eleven in the 2012 season.


This was the first time Peru’s professional football players themselves did the voting.


Last week, Peru’s professional football players’ union (SAFAP) revealed the names of The SAFAP XI 2012.


Goalkeeper: Diego Penny
Defenders: Luis Advìncula, Fernando Alloco, John Galliquio and Yoshimar Yotún
Wingers: Carlos Lobaton, Jorge Cazulo and Juan Carlos Mariño
Forwards: Andy Pando, Irvin Avila and Junior Ross


The eleven players will receive a present in return for being among the best eleven football players during the 2012 season.


Of all the players, Andy Pando and Joshimar Yotun received the highest number of votes. Almost 50 per cent of the professional players voted for Real Garcilaso’s attacking player and Sporting Cristal’s outstanding left winger.


It’s worth recording that the more than 500 professional football players belonging to the national clubs received forms for the secret vote with which they nominated the colleagues they wanted to include in their SAFAP XI: they had to elect one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfield players and three forwards.







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