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  • ‘Protection of minors moving in the right direction’

    of 1 October, the FIFA Transfer Matching System must be used for all international transfers. FIFPro has an important role in judging transfers of under-age players. ‘This TMS is a significant step in the right direction.’

  • FIFPro and FIFA improve protection of minors

    A significant achievement for young football players all around the world. FIFA – after a strong recommendation from FIFPro - is to adjust its regulations in order to strengthen the protection of minor players.

  • EU Expert Group: ‘Respect of EU law is important’

    FIFPro welcomes the statement made by the EU Expert Group ‘Good Governance’, which emphasises the importance of application of national and EU law principles in professional sports. FIFPro fully agrees with this statement.

  • Transfer fees: gap between countries widening

    A lot was made this summer of the ?94 million that Real Madrid paid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. There was no end to the money, so it seemed. However, the reality in many European footballing countries was very different.

  • Protection of minors

    FIFPro advocates the protection of minors. In particular, the monitoring of international transfers involving players below the age of 18 is an absolute necessity in order to combat exploitation and the trafficking of these young players.

  • FIFPro helps FIFA with protection of minors

    has installed a special committee, that starting 1 October supervises all international transfers of minors. Eleven delegates have been selected for this committee, one of them being FIFPro’s Secretary General Theo van Seggelen.

  • FIFPro, strategy council agree on agents, TPO

    FIFPro looks back at a constructive meeting of the Professional Football Strategy Council at UEFA's headquarters in Nyon, where all of football's stakeholders agreed on tackling serious issues such as third-party ownership, agent fees, integrity, the...

  • ‘The stability of contract principle no longer exists’

    Piat, FIFPro Vice-President, wants to denounce FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfers of Players. ‘We consider them to be contrary to Community law, in that they do not guarantee the free movement of footballers.'

  • Footballer victim in poor quality study transfer system

    is deeply disappointed in the outcomes of the KEA Study on the Economic and Legal Aspects of Transfers of Players presented on Thursday 7 February by the European Commission. ‘Poor quality and inconsistent.’

  • FIFPro helps FIFA with protection of minors

    has installed a special committee, that starting 1 October 2009 supervises all international transfers of minors (players under the age of 18). Eleven delegates have been selected for this committee, one of them being FIFPro?s Secretary General Theo

  • FIFPro: ‘Safeguard position of minor players’

    FIFPro is concerned by the situation of minor footballers as described by journalist Juan Pablo Meneses. Given the young age and the vulnerability of these children, FIFPro demands more effective regulations to protect them.

  • Follow the money: Ronaldo case study

    Who got what from Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfers, and what does this say about the failure of the transfer system to protect the professional football industry? FIFPro has combined and cross-checked financial data from a variety of sources showing the...

  • Biggest ever football survey unveiled

    The 2016 FIFPro Global Employment Report looks at the life of players in a way that has never been done before.

  • 2014 FIFPro Legal Conference presentations

    players' union – welcomed several keynote speakers who addressed topics such as Third Party Ownership, Licensing Systems, Transfers of Minors and the latest developements at CAS.

  • FIFPro Legal Conference on footballers' rights

    The legal rights of professional footballers will be discussed thoroughly next week during the FIFPro Legal Conference, which will be held at FIFPro House in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

  • FIFPro doubts effect of introduction salary cap

    FIFPro doubts if the introduction of a salary cap can help solve the financial problems of clubs. The World players? union is willing to talk about the implementation of a salary cap, but it thinks that a transfer cap will have more impact.

  • Taylor: 'Premier League should take a bigger step'

    'A step in the right direction.' That?s how Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the English PFA and honorary president of FIFPro, reacted to the recent announcement of the Premier League to introduce a squad cap and a quota for home grown players.

  • FIFPro doubts effect introduction salary cap

    FIFPro doubts if the introduction of a transfer cap can help solve the financial problems of clubs. The World players’ union is willing to talk about the implementation of a salary cap, but it thinks that a transfer cap will have more impact.

  • Key figures: transfer fees and training players

    As part of FIFPro's economic analysis of the professional football industry, headlined by a new FIFPro-commission study released today, important figures emerge that help to illustrate the failings of the transfer system. In this report, we measure the...

  • 2016 FIFPro Global Employment Report

    The FIFPro Global Survey provides a snapshot of a professional footballer’s life in 2016.

  • Football’s solitary confinement

    The most succesful football club in Cyprus is putting psychological pressure on some players to break their contracts.

  • Bosman's Maltese mission

    Twenty years after footballer Jean-Marc Bosman won a landmark ruling in the European Union, one island has still not got around to adopting the decision.

  • Football Club Academies "Becoming Obsolete"

    New research shows investment in youth training academies is at risk because teams prefer to speculate on the transfer market, according to FIFPro General Secretary Theo van Seggelen.

  • FIFPro welcomes Brussels court TPO decision

    The Court of First Instance in Brussels (Belgium) rejected a case against the ban of Third Party Ownership brought by Doyen Sports Investment and Belgian club Seraing United, last Friday 24 July. The judge dismissed Doyen’s request for a temporary...

  • FIFPro warns players of clubs' nonpayment

    FIFPro is advising all professional football players to be very critical before signing a contract with a new club. FIFPro is giving a negative recommendation to players who want to sign with clubs in Cyprus, Greece or Turkey.

  • World XI: votes from Peru and Uruguay

    In two months we will know which eleven players have been selected by their peers for the 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI. With the voting deadline in sight – Monday November 17th – and ballots arriving in bunches and batches, FIFPro shines a light on...

  • In Serbia, clubs are playing without a licence …

    A new indication of the dismal status of professional football in Serbia: twelve of the sixteen Super League clubs have only received temporary licences for the new championship season which kicked off on August 9th. Four of those clubs are even...

  • Players central to improved governance

    FIFPro notes with concern the latest developments in the football world, especially mounting allegations against the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. More alarming claims surrounding the 2018/2022 World Cup bidding process, as exposed by The Sunday Times, and...

  • Martorelli: FIFPro America joins the fight

    A global mobilisation campaign to restore the rights of players and bring order to the football industry is gathering momentum, as the head of FIFPro Division America weighed in today on why his continent supports the urgent need for transfer system...

  • President Piat: FIFPro will not back down

    FIFPro President Phillipe Piat said today the transfer system is illegal, citing the abuse of players' rights coupled with a skewed, inflated and unsustainable labour market which poses an irrefutable threat to the football industry.

  • For South American kids, football means business

    The Chilean journalist Juan Pablo Meneses recently published his book ‘Niños Futbolistas’ in which he describes the practice of child-footballers in South America being bought and transferred at a very young age.

  • Platini shares FIFPro’s transfer system concerns

    UEFA President Michel Platini spoke about his serious concerns regarding the current football transfer system. FIFPro acknowledges the concerns of UEFA President Platini. .

  • FIFPro concerned by influence third-party owners

    FIFPro is concerned about the seemingly growing influence of Third-party ownership. Although prohibited by FIFA regulations, more and more clubs appear to make use of these third parties.

  • Colombia: Minister adjusts draft law after protest

    The Colombian professional footballers’ association welcomed the new draft law presented by the Ministry of Labour. Within a week after an unprecedented players’ protest, the Minister adjusted the initial draft.

  • FIFPro establishes expert group on transfer matters

    FIFPro states that the many problems with the existing transfer system need to be addressed carefully and seriously. Therefore FIFPro presents an expert group to examine and provide the necessary recommendations.

  • Portugal: union aims to protect football profession

    The Portuguese Union of Professional Football Players (SJPF) and the Football League are in the process of revising the Collective Bargaining agreement (CBA). Recently they agreed on a set of special measures.

  • Uruguay: union demands action against non-payment

    The professional footballers association of Uruguay published a list of all outstanding debts that football clubs have with their players. Twenty clubsstill owe a total amount of USD 1.438.117.

  • Philippe Piat: ‘Players are still slaves!’

    Philippe Piat, the president of the French professional footballers’ union (UNFP), who is also vice president of FIFPro and president of FIFPro Division Europe doesn’t mince his words in an interview with Belgian magazine Sport.

  • Piat: ‘In France, social dialogue has finished’

    Philippe Piat, president of the French footballers’ association UNFP and vice-president of FIFPro, speaks in French daily Le Monde about the situation of Peguy Luyindula, a player who is persona non grata at his club Paris Saint-Germain.

  • 'Image of pampered players needs to change'

    FIFPro's secretary general Theo van Seggelen says that an average player's lifestyle is often far removed from the usual image of mansions, fast cars and outrageous weddings. The vast majority are ordinary wage-earners.

  • 'CAS is a part of the Sion case problem'

    Lucien Valloni, president of the Swiss footballers' association on the FC Sion case: ‘It is now clear that the image of Swiss football has suffered in the eyes of the football world, and in practice Swiss football as a whole has been affected.'

  • Swiss players union: CAS requires faster procedures

    CAS needs to introduce faster procedures to prevent situations such as FC Sion’s from happening. That is the opinion of Lucien Valloni, president of the Swiss professional footballers’ association SAFP.

  • Baffoe: ‘I hope players see the need to join us’

    The Professional Footballers’ Association of Ghana is one of FIFPro’s candidate members. Secretary general Anthony Baffoe talks about the objectives, achievements and the future of the PFAG.

  • FIFPro: ‘Clubs are overprotected’

    Clubs are overprotected. FIFPro lawyer Wil van Megen came to this conclusion after studying the current situation regarding the stability of contracts. According to him, players need more protection.

  • FIFPro fully supports Italian footballers' strike

    FIFPro fully supports the strike that the Italian footballers in the Serie A have called. The worldwide players' union endorses the reasons that have prompted the Italian footballers to take this action.

  • Serie A players one step closer to a strike

    The players in the Italian Serie A once again have agreed to strike if an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement is not reached by the 30 November, the Italian footballers’ association AIC announced.

  • Premier League clubs spent 'awful lot of money' on agent fees

    ?Obviously people have made an awful lot of money out of being football agents over the last few years.? In the last year the twenty clubs from the English Premier League have spent almost 80 million euro on fees for players? agents.

  • Agreement FIFPro and FIFA on package of football governance global measures

    At its annual congress, which took place in Budapest from 18 to 20 November 2009, FIFPro reviewed the current state of world football. FIFPro welcomed representatives of FIFA to Hungary, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Barcelo

  • For FIFPro a footballer is a human being in the first place

    FIFPro likes to express its deepest sympathy to family and friends of Robert Enke. The World Players? Union regrets the death of the goalkeeper and hopes that the football world learns from the suicide of the 32-year old player.

  • Ecuador suspends Barcelona for not paying players

    Ecuador?s football association FEF has suspended Barcelona Sporting Club. The FEF temporarily took away the sportive rights from the Guayaquil club, after it had failed to pay some players their salaries.

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