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  • Doping

    FIFPro is of course opposed to doping in football. However, in practice it proves that doping cases are rare in football. FIFPro is opposed to the ‘whereabouts’ system which is disproportional in relation to its aims.

  • No mercy for systematic doping practice

    FIFPro is astonished by the report about systematic doping in Russia. FIFPro – the world's professional footballers association – expects that all authorities concerned (among others World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and the International Association of...

  • FIFPro: 'Scandalous CAS-Decision in Italian doping case'

    the players Mannini of SSC Napoli and Posanzzini of Brescia for a period of one year for appearing 20 minutes late at a doping check. The doping check was negative and did not show any doping substance whatsoever. Dr. Luci

  • Dutch Anti-Doping Authority asks to skip cannabis from doping list

    has asked the National Anti-Doping Authorities to give their opinion on the draft 2010 Prohibited List International Standard. In an extensive report, the Dutch Anti-Doping Authority asked, among other things, for the elimination of cannabis from the

  • Doping Investigation Suspended

    Janker and Andreas Ibertsberger can breathe a sigh of relief. The two Hoffenheim players who showed up late for a doping test last month are no longer under investigation. But the German Soccer Federation has more questions for Hoffenheim.

  • 100,000 Athletes call for fundamental reform WADA

    Sport Pro calls on WADA stakeholders to support reforms during the World Anti Doping Code revision process that will increase the effectiveness and proportionality of the fight against doping.

  • Doping case Mexico: FIFPro salutes WADA decision

    welcomes the World Anti Doping Agency decision to drop its appeal at the Court of Arbitration against five Mexican footballers who all tested positive for clenbuterol at this year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup Tournament.

  • FIFPro: ‘Italians have outrageous doping penalty’

    Megen to the intention of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) to impose a fine of €100,000 on any athletes found guilty of doping during the coming Winter Olympics.

  • FIFPro wants change of doping regulations

    Five Mexican footballers have been provisionally suspended, because traces of clenbuterol have been found in their urine during a drugs test. FIFPro questions this drugs test.

  • German federation probes Hoffenheim pair over doping test

    football authorities have launched an investigation against two Hoffenheim players for alleged violation of doping regulations. The German football federation DFB said Saturday its control panel was investigating Andreas Ibertsberger and Christoph

  • Pavlov to serve worldwide 2-year ban for doping

    Sofia midfielder Nikolai Pavlov must serve a two-year doping ban after his appeal against suspension was dismissed.

  • Players given doping caution through fault by club

    incident in Belgium. Almost all the players of Club Brugge have received an official caution because they have all missed a doping test. This appears to be the fault of the club management.

  • CAS: another straightforward decision in doping case

    FIFPro welcomes the decision taken by CAS earlier this week, to annul the suspension of the Chinese judoka Wen Tong, who had tested positive on clenbuterol.

  • FIFPro supports clean and fair football

    FIFA announced that it is developing a biological passport for footballers. FIFPro has some questions about the approach; a sanction that is based solely on a deviation in the biological passport is totally unacceptable.

  • Belgian players successfully fight ‘doping cautions’

    has been successful in its protest against the official caution players from Club Brugge had received for missing a doping test.

  • New developements in doping and whereabouts information

    In the past week the FIFPro Legal Department prepared a draft complaint letter for its European members and candidate members regarding the infringement of data protection laws and regulations.

  • Italian footballers to protest doping ban for footballers

    footballers are to protest the one-year doping ban handed down to Daniele Mannini and Davide Possanzini by kicking off all this weekend's Serie A and B matches 15 minutes later than scheduled.

  • CAS contravenes IOC with doping decision

    The CAS took a very interesting decision in an appeal case filed by two Belarusian hammer throwers. The CAS ruled in favour of the athletes and against the IOC, much to the joy of FIFPro lawyer Wil van Megen.

  • FIFPro asks EU to improve sporters’ civil rights

    civil rights of professional sporters are not sufficiently respected in the fight against doping. It is the task of the EU to promote the recognition of these civil rights, said Theo van Seggelen, FIFPro secretary general.

  • Doping

  • Panathinaikos release Jakub Wawrzyniak after doping test

    Panathinaikos have released Polish defender Jakub Wawrzyniak, 25, after a B sample test confirmed that the national team representative had been taking banned substances, as indicated by A sample results ealier this month.

  • ‘Often, a decision by the CAS is a matter of chance’

    have far more rights if they appear in a civil court than at a sport tribunal such as the CAS. This is the opinion of doping experts Lucien Valloni and Alessandro Celli. They argue for changes in the judicial system of the CAS and for the introdu

  • Piat: ‘The French anti-doping agency is an outlaw!’

    year after the application in France of the new international anti-doping code issued by the WADA, Philippe Piat, co-president of the French players' union and president of FIFPro Division Europe, is still angry.

  • Legal threat to anti-doping code

    The legal basis of a key weapon in the fight against drugs in sport is set to be challenged in a Belgian court. And two further challenges to whereabouts are in the pipeline from FIFPro. BBC Sport reports.

  • FIFPro calls on Mexican football players to unite

    doping incident with five Mexican internationals shows that a trade union for professional football players is essential. There is no such union in Mexico.

  • 24 footballers with 24 questions for Blatter

    FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter held a special question and answer session at FIFA HQ in Zurich on Monday. Putting him on the spot were 24 international footballers anxious to know his views on a series of issues they hold dear. Fielding their questions

  • FIFPro's López Moreno named in WADA committee

    López Moreno has been named in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete Committee. ‘This is good news, a challenge and a great responsibility’, reacts the general secretary of the Spanish players’ union AFE.

  • French athletes demand Whereabouts dialogue

    federation of French sports unions wrote an open letter to the French anti-doping agency. The FNASS (including the footballers’ association) wants to open a dialogue about the French use of the Whereabouts system.

  • FIFPro criticizes new cannabis suspension

    the next three months. FIFA suspended the international from Uzbekistan on 2 October, after he was found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    FIFPro's Legal Department answers FAQ's.

  • FIFPro welcomes 'very brave decision' CAS

    FIFPro lawyer Wil van Megen analyses the decision taken by the Court of Arbitration on the appeals filed by two two Olympic medal winning Belarusian hammer throwers. 'It must be considered a very brave decision of CAS.'

  • Late for a dope test: does Article 10.5 offer a solution?

    Two TSG Hoffenheim players, Andreas Ibertsberger and Christoph Janker, are threatened with a year's suspension because they turned up ten minutes late for a dope test after a game in Mönchengladbach in early February. Hoffenheim is pinning its hopes on Ar

  • FIFPro criticizes new cannabis suspension

    the next three months. FIFA suspended the international from Uzbekistan on 2 October, after he was found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation. On 17 June he had been caught for the use of cannabis afte

  • FIFPro proposes changes to Whereabouts system

    FIFPro proposes changes to the Whereabouts system of WADA. FIFPro is of the opinion that the system is an example of inequality under the regulations; there are many different interpretations in the various countries.

  • European Professional Sportspeoples Forum

    ‘Sport activity is subject to the application of E.U. law’, is what the participants of the first European Professional Sportspeoples Forum stressed in their joint statement. FIFPro was one of the organizing unions.

  • Joint statement participants European Professional Sportspeoples Forum


  • ‘Eastern Europe must change mentality’

    gave a lengthy interview with press agency Reuters. He talked about problems concerning Eastern Europe, match fixing and doping.

  • FIFPro, EU Athletes reject basis for Contador decision

    decision taken today by CAS in the Alberto Contador-case. Earlier on Monday the CAS found the Spanish cyclist guilty of a doping offence.

  • 'Image of pampered players needs to change'

    FIFPro's secretary general Theo van Seggelen says that an average player's lifestyle is often far removed from the usual image of mansions, fast cars and outrageous weddings. The vast majority are ordinary wage-earners.

  • FIFPro expects CAS to prevent double punishments

    FIFPro waits with great interest for the judgement of the CAS in the case that LaShwan Merritt has started at the highest sports tribunal in Switzerland, and expects that the CAS will decide in favour of the American athlete.

  • WADA: teams can submit footballers' whereabouts

    Many sporting organisations and authorities are interpreting the whereabouts rule completely wrongly, declared David Howman, director-general of WADA. Professional footballers have little to fear from the rule.

  • Director WADA: whereabouts not for footballers

    Many sporting organisations and authorities are interpreting the whereabouts rule completely wrongly, declared David Howman, director-general of WADA. Professional footballers have little to fear from the rule, he said.

  • Union 'frees' players in Holland from whereabouts

    Holland don?t have to worry about WADA?s whereabouts rule. Their players? union VVCS managed to make a deal with the anti doping authorities in the Netherlands.

  • FIFPro in revolt against definitive WADA ‘whereabouts rule’

    definitive decision of the anti-doping institute WADA to also subject footballers to the so-called ‘whereabouts rule’ is not being accepted by FIFPro. FIFPro has already initiated legal proceedings in Belgium in order to challenge WADA’s decision.

  • WADA willing to listen on drug-testing complaints

    World Anti-Doping Agency is sticking with its whereabouts rule for out-of-competition testing but will consider any proposed changes from athletes who consider the system intrusive. WADA director general David Howman said Tuesday he held “fruitful and

  • First FIFPro board meeting of the new year

    and yesterday the FIFPro board met for the first time this year. A lengthy discussion took place on the new WADA code, the doping regulations for sportsmen that entail far-reaching consequences also for footballers, as well as on many other subjects

  • Hungarian union satisfied with 'effective' FIFPro congress

    The Hungarian players' union HLSZ hosted this year's FIFPro general assembly in Budapest. Gábor Horváth, the secretary general of HLSZ, looks back at the well organized congress.

  • Swiss High Court gives Mutu a little bit of hope

    The Schweizerisches Bundesgericht (Swiss High Court) has temporarily suspended Adrian Mutu from paying damages to Chelsea. This month the Rumanian striker should have started with the pay off of the 17 million euro he must give to the English club.

  • Historic step for Swiss players? union

    'This is a historic step for football and football players in Switzerland?, said a very content president Lucien Valloni, after the Swiss players union SAFP came to a principle agreement with the Swiss Football League.

  • Mutu has options to fight 'remarkable' CAS ruling

    Adrian Mutu has called the decision by CAS to uphold the order to pay Chelsea up to 17 million euro ?profoundly unjust?. The Romanian striker of Fiorentina refuses to throw in the towel. ?I will evaluate every possible initiative to protect my rights.?

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