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  • FIFPro: mixed feelings about new technology decision

    mixed feelings FIFPro received the news from FIFA that it will extend the goal-line technology testing. ‘The good news is that goal-line technology will be introduced, the bad news is that we still have to wait’

  • Goal-line technology: an overview of decision-making

    this month in Cardiff, the IFAB will once again give its opinion on the use of goal-line technology in football. FIFPro presents below an overview of decision-making thus far.

  • FIFPro: ‘Goal-line technology is a great step…’

    FIFPro is delighted with the announcement made by FIFA president Blatter that the 2014 World Cup will utilize goal-line technology to prevent ‘phantom goals’ affecting games. FIFPro hopes this will lead to a greater use of technology.

  • Call for goal-line technology growing ever louder

    has been calling for the introduction of goal-line technology for quite some time and is pleased that FIFA is also adopting this position, although FIFA is not in any hurry. The decision won’t be taken until March 2013.

  • FIFPro again argues for use of goal-line technology

    FIFPro’s Technical Committee once again showed itself to be an advocate of goal-line technology during its recent meeting in Madrid. 'It is about the credibility of football.’

  • Lack of clarity goal line technology and additional referees

    months after the IFAB gave the green light for both goal line technology and additional referees, there is still no clarity about the introduction of one or both systems. UEFA president Michel Platini did not want to wait any longer...

  • Phantom goals stress need for goal-line technology

    promised to make a definite decision on goal-line technology in July. Two incidents from the past weekend illustrate that, in the opinion of FIFPro, there is an urgent need for the introduction of goal-line technology.

  • FIFPro calls FIFA to stop ignoring technology

    refereeing blunders at the World Cup, the call to use technology in football can no longer be ignored. Still, FIFA insists that technology does not belong in football. The credibility of the sport is at stake.

  • FIFPro on extra referees and goal-line technology

    will be giving presentations about extra referees behind the goals and the possibility of introducing technology to make the job of refereeing easier, next Wednesday May 15th in the new FIFPro House.

  • FIFPro satisfied with use of goal-line technology

    welcomes IFAB’s decision to make use of goal-line technology. FIFPro - the representative of all professional footballers worldwide - has argued in favour of the use of cameras at the goal line for quite some years already.

  • IFAB ends discussion: no goal-line technology

    Football Association Board (IFAB) was marked by the major decision to no longer pursue the development of goal-line technology.

  • Two new reasons for goal line technology

    it a goal or not? The new season has hardly started and the first controversy is already there. The cry for goal line technology has emerged once again.

  • Chelsea boss Hiddink wants goal line technology

    boss Guus Hiddink wants goal line technology introduced after being denied a goal in last night's 2-2 draw with Juventus. The result was enough for Chelsea to progress to the Champions League quarterfinals, though Didier Drogba had a goal disallow

  • Technology: FIFPro welcomes FIFA’s next step

    video images - to assist referees. Next year's U-20 World Cup looks like being the first competition to trial the technology.

  • IFAB agrees to test goal-line technology

    law-making body, the IFAB has agreed to look again at the issue of goal-line technology amid increasing calls for it within the game.

  • Brazilian players' unions test football technology

    Estádio Anacleto Campanella formed the backdrop to a special match for the Copa Inovação. The players’ unions of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo played a match intended to test various technological innovations.

  • Football world in disbelief: ‘A disservice to referees’

    to the chagrin of footballers, coaches and referees worldwide , IFAB Saturday decided not to introduce goal-line technology. FIFPro gathered some reactions.

  • FIFPro counting on FIFA’s ‘goal-line’ promise

    the whole world is calling for the introduction of goal-line technology, the IFAB decided to extend the experiment with additional referees. Still, FIFPro expects that FIFA will introduce goal-line technology.

  • FIFPro regrets IFAB decision: 'This is frustrating'

    is very disappointed about the decision which IFAB took, to definitely not introduce goal-line technology. ‘This is incomprehensible and frustrating', thinks Tijs Tummers, the secretary of FIFPro’s Technical Committee.

  • Players critical: ‘Additional referees? No, Thanks’

    The majority of the captains of the clubs in the Europa League see no benefit in the experiment with the 5th and 6th referee. In a survey held by FIFPro, 70 per cent indicate they have not seen any advantage.

  • FIFPro delighted with FIFA U-turn

    announcement that the international governing body is once again planning to discuss the possible introduction of video technology.

  • Uefa trials new refereeing system

    "Next season's Europa League - formerly the Uefa Cup - will be the testing ground for games using five officials. The trial will see two extra assistant referees officiate by standing behind the goals and communicating by headset. More than 150 clubs are

  • England once again suffer a phantom goal

    Once again, the England national team fell victim to a refereeing mistake with a goal-line decision. This time their opponents were awarded a phantom goal.

  • Two clubs score but are not awarded a goal

    Two angry coaches complained after their teams were wrongfully disallowed a goal. Schalke 04 spilled points when the officials did not award Marcelo Bordon a goal, FC Groningen lost after the referees made the same error.

  • “Goals for Scholas is a match-winner"

    aimed at encouraging social integration and fostering peace among peoples through education, with the aid of art, technology and sport.

  • 'Microchip ball perfect help for referees'

    There is no more need for controversy about a ball passing a goal-line, assures German firm Cairos, that has produced a new microchip bal. The German soccer association DFB confirmed that the new bal worked well during tests.

  • Coach thinks referees need help after disallowed goal

    If they can?t see that, they need help.? Coach Neil Warnock was furious after his Crystal Palace were denied a goal because the referees did not see the ball cross the line during the 1-0 defeat at Bristol City in the English second division.

  • PFA boss Gordon Taylor calls for UEFA to use video

    PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has called for video evidence to assist referees in Europe’s biggest games following the scenes after Chelsea’s defeat by Barcelona in their Champions League semi-final.

  • Egypt into semi finals with phantom goal

    Egypt reached the semi finals of the African Cup of Nations. The Pharaos beat Cameroon after extra time, but they got a little help from a linesman, who saw a phantom goal.

  • ‘Bring on Beckham just to take free-kicks’

    Portsmouth and England goalkeeper David James has enough experience in professional football to be able to talk about the previous decades, but he also has clear ideas about the future.

  • Ankle injury and related external supports

    In his latest blog FIFPro Chief Medical Officer Vincent Gouttebarge discusses ankle injuries and related external ankle support mechanisms. The prevalence of ankle injuries is detailed along with a comparison of injury rates of players using external...

  • FIFPro set to influence Laws of the Game

    FIFPro, the World Footballers' Association representing 65 thousand professional players, is set to play an important role in future amendments to the Laws of the Game as part of a newly-established panel of experts advising IFAB (International...

  • 2010 FIFPro General Assembly presentations

    At the FIFPro congress in Kuala Lumpur, the general assembly was presented a large number of presentations. Via the Extranet, all FIFPro members and candidate members can get access to the presentations.

  • Chilean footballers enjoy selecting the World XI

    In Chile, the footballers' association already distributed more than 900 ballots among its members, from whom it has already collected some 500 cards completed by players in the three professional football divisions.

  • Barça players show solidarity to suffering colleagues

    ‘We are here to help with any problem.’ Five players from FC Barcelona visited the new FIFPro House to meet representatives of professional footballers associations from all over the world.

  • Barcelona players honour FIFPro with surprise visit

    FIFPro welcomed five special guests. Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas, Xavi Hernández, Gerard Piqué, Carles Puyol and Marc Bartra visited the FIFPro House to congratulate the world players union with its new office building.

  • FIFPro delighted with proposed rule changes

    FIFPro secretary general Theo van Seggelen attended the second meeting of the FIFA Task Force Football 2014. Several issues that were high on the agenda of FIFPro’s Technical Committee were discussed.

  • FIFPro joins FIFA’s Task Force Football 2014

    Theo van Seggelen, FIFPro’s secretary general is one of the 22 members of the FIFA Task Force Football 2014, a working group established to discuss proposals to improve the game of football.

  • CSKA Moscow changes stadium for natural grass

    CSKA Moscow appears to have good reasons to play its home matches at Luzhniki Stadium. Nevertheless, the club has decided to play the remainder of this season’s home games on the natural grass at the Khimki Arena.

  • FIFPro Merit Award for Costa Rican players

    Steven Bryce and Reynaldo Parks received this years’ FIFPro Merit Award. The world-wide players’ union for professional footballers paid tribute to both board members of the Costa Rican union for the voluntary work they developed.

  • 24 footballers with 24 questions for Blatter

    FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter held a special question and answer session at FIFA HQ in Zurich on Monday. Putting him on the spot were 24 international footballers anxious to know his views on a series of issues they hold dear. Fielding their questions

  • Champions League: technical aids sorely missed

    year, FIFA suddenly abandoned the experiment with Goal-Line Technology. This was to the regret of FIFPro which believes that football should have long ago joined the growing number of sports which use technical aids. Yesterday, there was a moment in

  • Real ask Butragueno to quit FIFPro committee

    Real Madrid have asked Emilio Butragueno to withdraw as the players’ representative in FIFPro’s Technical Committee, as well as FIFA's Technical and Development Committee. Butragueno has respected the request of his employer.

  • Butragueño with FIFPro's Technical Committee

    FIFPro’s Technical Committee held its twice-yearly meeting in Madrid with former Real Madrid star Emilio Butragueño in its ranks for the first time. Clear standpoints were formulated on numerous important technical matters.

  • New controversial English goal-line decision

    Stoke City were furious after their defeat against Tottenham Hotspur, last Saturday. They looked to have equalized in the closing minutes of the game, but the referee did not want to award the goal.

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