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‘It’s about our rights, not about money.’ Damiano Tommasi, president of the Italian professional footballers’ association, explains why the players in the Serie A have threatened to postpone the start of the Serie A. 


On Sunday, all captains of the twenty teams in the Serie A signed an open letter demanding that a dispute over players' rights be solved before the start of the Serie A at August 27 and 28. Last Wednesday the AIC threatened that the players would go on strike if the Italian League refuses to sign the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) both parties reached in December 2010.


‘It’s not right that every time the option of a strike emerges we are met by the usual clichés about rich players’, complained AIC president Tommasi. ’We are not talking about money in this situation, but just about the rights of each player to train with his team.’


On Sunday, the Serie A captains demanded an end to this conflict. ‘The Serie A players would like to inform the public of the worrying situation concerning the renewal of the CBA. The previous CBA which was certified by the Italian federation (FIGC) in December 2010, was ignored by the clubs, which was an unacceptable decision. As a result, the period of de-regulation continues to go on. The current situation threatens the players' rights.’


‘It may sound absurd, but today Italy is the only mayor football country without contractual rules for the players and it is time to solve this situation.’


‘We reiterate that it will not be possible to start a new championship without the signing of the agreement.’


The following captains signed the open letter:
Giampaolo Bellini (Atalanta); Marco Di Vaio and Jean Gillet (Bologna); Michael Agazzi and Danieland Conti (Cagliari); Marco Biagianti and Ciro Capuano (Catania); Giuseppand Colucci and Maurizio Lauro (Cesena); Sergio Pellissier (Chievo); Alessandro Gamberini and Manuel Pasqual (Fiorentina); Alessio Scarpi and Emiliano Moretti (Genoa); Javier Zanetti and Paolo Orlandoni (Inter); Alessandro Del Piero and Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus); Guglielmo Stendardo and Tommaso Rocchi (Lazio); David Di Micheland and Guillermo Giacomazzi (Lecce); Gennaro Gattuso, Massimo Ambrosini and Marco Amelia (Milan); Paolo Cannavaro and Morgan Dand Sanctis (Napoli); Raffaeland Rubino and Alberto Fontana (Novara); Fabrizio Miccoli (Palermo); Stefano Morronand and Danieland Galloppa (Parma); Francesco Totti and Simonand Perrotta (Roma); Simonand Vergassola and Luca Rossettini (Siena); Antonio Di Natale and Giampiero Pinzi (Udinese).




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