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FIFPro, the World Footballers' Association, has warned that today's announced ban on third-party ownership (TPO) is only the first step and that much work still lies ahead to rid the game of this extremely harmful practice.

FIFPro General-Secretary Theo van Seggelen said: "FIFPro is delighted that after months of intense negotiations, through the Working Group on TPO and ongoing discussions with UEFA, that FIFA have finally heard our call to ban TPO."

"Although the agreement is the first step towards achieving our goal, we now await with interest the details of implementation."

"FIFPro is now applying its energy to the precise terms of prohibition, as delegated to the Working Group of which FIFPro is a prominent member, and while there must be a transitional period for the ban to take effect it must be implemented as soon as possible."

"A ban must also ensure that no similar practice is allowed to appear in any way, shape or form, that all loopholes are closed and that the transition process has to start immediately."

"The damage to football is so great that every day without the prohibition of third party ownership is a day lost."

"If the transition to prohibition takes too long FIFPro will not accept that. It is an urgent priority and we strongly urge FIFA that by the end of the year we need to see very clear measures on how to make the transitional period as short as possible."

"FIFPro reiterates that the emergence of TPO has only been possible because of the fundamental abuse of the player transfer system and that our commitment to the wholesale reform of that transfer system is reinforced by today's decision by the FIFA Executive Committee."

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