Singapore Player IQ Tech

FIFPRO Player IQ Tech Summit enables Asia/Oceania player associations to enhance development


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Singapore Player IQ Tech
  • Player IQ Tech equips player associations with an effective understanding of emerging technology and its application to the working environment of footballers 
  • This includes the potential impact on players’ interests arising from a variety of emerging performance technology applications and the integration of AI

  • Unions from Asia/Oceania acquired specialist knowledge and insight when it comes to the increasing quantities of data collected on players in their working environment

Player associations from Division Asia/Oceania benefited from cutting-edge insights on technology and player data protection at the latest FIFPRO Player IQ Tech Summit in Singapore.

Player IQ Tech, FIFPRO’s dedicated strategic vertical, addresses industry developments driven by new technology and advances in data-capture that enable the rapid collection of sensitive player data in the working environment.

It seeks to provide player associations with a consistent framework to enhance their knowledge and expertise, engage with fellow unions and industry experts, and ultimately manage player-centric technology and innovation in the football industry.

Representatives from 13 player associations from across the region participated in the event, comprising of FIFPRO members, candidates and observers.

Singapore Player IQ Tech 2

FIFPRO Asia/Oceania chairperson Takuya Yamazaki was pleased with the outcome. He said: "Technology, innovation and player data remain fundamental topics in supporting our strategic priorities over the coming years. Within the division, certain members are already quite advanced due to the expertise and strategic foresight of their respective leaders.

"Given the rapid pace of advancement of technology, Player IQ Tech events such as this are invaluable in facilitating all our members to enhance their existing knowledge and capabilities. The next step for each of the participants will be to integrate this knowledge into their work with players and stakeholders in their domestic markets."

Multiple stakeholders from the worlds of technology and football – from Microsoft to La Liga – combined to support player associations in Asia/Oceania to enhance their existing knowledge. Expert speakers provided insights on the development of technology across the football industry, emphasising the central role of players within these emerging industry trends.

Unions gathered knowledge about the variety of player data being collected and shared in the modern game and the need for proper infrastructure frameworks to protect the privacy and rights of players in that space.

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The afternoon focused on performance technology, led by Dr Darren Burgess, FIFPRO Advisor on Player Workload, Health & Performance, who provided a unique insight into the roles technology and data play in modern professional football. The afternoon session also featured an engaging presentation from England's PFA and N3xt Sports, outlining the principles of their successful digital transformation over recent years.

Michael Leahy, FIFPRO’s Manager of Strategy & Intelligence for Men’s Football and Player IQ, reflected on a successful event and the increasing importance of the topic across the football industry. Leahy said: "Building on last year’s Player IQ Tech event in Tel-Aviv, this regional Tech Summit once again brought together a range of stakeholders from across the sports technology ecosystem, featuring professional leagues, industry experts, global technology firms and emerging start-ups.

"In order for our player associations to be at the forefront of advancements in developing technology and innovation across the football industry, it is essential that they actively participate in events like this, providing them with an excellent opportunity to enhance their existing knowledge and engage with leading experts.

"Technology continues to become ever-more intertwined with the working lives of professional players, so it is critical that we strive to create a holistic industry environment that protects their rights."