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06 October 2020
We frequently receive enquiries from footballers who have been approached by persons saying they will help them find a club or a trial. From experience we’ve learned that some of these persons are trying to scam players.

In this blog, we are making public information about some of the fraudsters.

We advise footballers not to engage with the persons mentioned in this blog or at least be extremely vigilant when dealing with them.

You can also help your colleagues: if you have had a bad experience, please let us know: info@fifpro.org

21 October 2020

Kittisak Chiraphasuksakun

Fake contract with Thai club

Czech player union CAFH informed us about a scam involving an individual calling himself Kittisak Chiraphasuksakun, consultant at BG Pathum United FC from Bangkok, Thailand, using the following phone number: +66990435856

This individual offered a one-year contract to a Czech player and said the club would send flight tickets as soon as the player paid 460 USD for “Player Legal Security and Endorsement Fees” via MoneyGram. The player was suspicious of this fee and asked his union for support.

The Czech union consulted FIFPRO’s legal department, which immediately noticed the contract was fake. FIFPRO contacted the Thai player association and the country’s football association, which confirmed the contract offer was a scam and that the real Kittisak Chiraphasuksakun was unaware of any such offer.

Even though the Czech player thought the offer was lucrative, he followed the advice of his player union and FIFPRO. He did not pay the “fee” and broke off all contact with this person.

Fake Thai Contract 1100S
Two pages of the fake contract

6 October 2020

Alec Faustino and Nicholas Sizer

Fake contracts with Turkish clubs

Two teenage players from England informed us that an individual calling himself Alec Faustino arranged a three-year contract for them with Turkish top league club Caykur Rizespor. He said, the only thing the players had to do was pay the “accountant of the club” through a money transfer company. Each of them sent 1,000 euro for accommodation, visa, flight tickets and a medical. However, the two players are still in England because the contracts were fake.

Another teenage English player informed us that a person called Nicholas Sizer said he arranged a trial and a three-year contract with the same Turkish club, Caykur Rizespor. The player paid over 2,000 euro for various costs. He received the same fake contract as the two teenage players.

The three players never met Alec Faustino or Nicholas Sizer, they only had contact via social media or e-mail. Both fake agents claim to be working for an agency called Europe Sport Management: https://europesportmanagements.com/

Earlier this year, Dutch player union VVCS issued a warning after a person called Alec Faustino had approached various Dutch players.

Fake Rizespor Contracts 2
The first page of the fake Rizespor contracts: left, the contract offered by Alec Faustino, right the one arranged by Nicholas Sizer

6 October 2020

Martin Kois (also goes by Martin Kocis)

Fake trials in Italy, Portugal …

A player in Lithuania was approached by a person calling himself Martin Kocis and offering him a trial in Lisbon, Portugal. Kocis didn’t mention any club name. The player received a contract for the trial and was asked to pay 1,000 euro. Kocis said that the club would reimburse the player at the trial.

The player refused the offer after checking FIFPRO information.

In 2019, we issued a warning about Martin Kois and informed Slovakian football and police authorities after he cheated players with bogus trial offers at Italian club Parma: https://twitter.com/FIFPro/status/1154687648197488640.
Kois (Kocis) uses this Instagram account: Martin___gt

Martin Kois Contract 1100
Two contracts: one arranged by Martin Kois and the other one by Martin Kocis

If you have any doubts about an offer for a trial, a contract or would like support, contact your local player union or FIFPRO.

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