Central North America General Assembly 2024

Mexico hosts successful FIFPRO Central and North America general assembly


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Central North America General Assembly 2024
  • Cancun, Mexico was the venue for the third edition of the division's annual meeting

  • The 2026 World Cup as a growth objective, the current affairs of each member union and women's football were in focus

  • David Aganzo, president of FIFPRO, actively participated as a guest

A successful and productive FIFPRO Central and North America (CNA) general assembly took place between 30 April and 1 May in Cancun, Mexico.

The third annual meeting of the division showed that substantial progress has been made, with the main objective of strengthening FIFPRO CNA to better serve the needs of footballers in the region. 

The event was attended by the seven player unions and associations that make up FIFPRO CNA and, as a guest, FIFPRO President David Aganzo, who highlighted the work done in recent months, urging all attendees to continue preparing in a coordinated manner and share best practices in the lead up to the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The next World Cup will be played in USA, Canada and Mexico, and is a beacon for CNA to continue growing in the football industry.

"We are two years away from starting a new stage for associations and unions in Central and North America and there are similar challenges," said CNA President Alvaro Ortiz.

"We are focusing our efforts on building a new way to support footballers in each country, but also to do it together as FIFPRO CNA."

David Aganzo, Alejandro Sequeira & Alvaro Ortiz
FIFPRO President David Aganzo (centre), with Alejandro Sequeira (left), President of ASOJUPRO and a FIFPRO global board member, and Alvaro Ortiz (right), President of FIFPRO CNA and Mexican player union AMFpro.

The first day saw the presentation of each participating association detailing their main actions.

FIFPRO Central and North America

  • Canada – PFACan
  • Costa Rica – ASOJUPRO
  • Guatemala – SIFUPGUA
  • Honduras – AFHO
  • Mexico – AMFpro
  • Panama – AFUTPA

Women's football in focus

The second and last day of the assembly focused on the development of women's football in the region, where the reality of each country is different.

There were insightful presentations: Irene Aguiar, a lawyer specialising in sports law, spoke about the operation and development of the F League in Spain; former Mexico international Tania Morales spoke about preparing for life after football; former Guatemala international Vanessa Ovando illustrated the realities faced by Central American women footballers.

President Ortiz alluded to the structural differences that exist between the countries of the region but called for joint efforts to increase the chances of success in medium- and long-term projects.

In relation to the process that FIFPRO CNA is going through, Ortiz said: "We are aware of what we are looking for as a region, that we must contribute our experiences, successes and share best practices, so we join efforts with the protagonists in the women's branch, women’s players, which will help us to act with the same vision.”