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The legal rights of professional footballers will be discussed thoroughly next week during the FIFPro Legal Conference, which will be held at FIFPro House in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

On Tuesday September 30th and Wednesday October 1st, FIFPro will welcome more than 90 legal experts for this two-day conference. As well as many legal representatives of players' associations worldwide, there will be experts from FIFA DRC judges and CAS arbitrators.

At the Legal Conference several issues will be discussed. Among the topics are inside looks at for example the latest developments at CAS (the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Lausanne) and practical issues of the FIFA DRC (Dispute Resolution Chamber).

FIFPro is also delighted to welcome several keynote speakers who will address important topics:

  • Belgian lawyer Pieter Paepe will take a close look at the recent decision in the Dahmane Case and will put this is an international perspective.
  • Australia's international expert on industrial relations Braham Dabscheck will discuss the football regulations from an economic point of view.
  • Dutch researcher Jan Popma will share his views on psycho-social harassment of employees.
  • Nicos Nicolaou will explain how the Cypriot football association drastically improved its licensing system in order to end the clubs' common practice of breach of contract on Cyprus.
  • Chilean investigative journalist Juan Pablo Meneses will share his knowledge of the South American system of transfer of minors.

Two speakers are to discuss an issue that is raising more eyebrows every minute and that is high on FIFPro's priority list of unwanted practices: Third Party Ownership (TPO). Santiago Nebot (lawyer of Spanish players union AFE) and Andrew Nixon (solicitor in the London firm Sheridans) will inform the conference about the latest developments regarding this subject.

"The current reality in professional football shows signs which must concern us", says Wil van Megen, Head of FIFPro's Legal Department. "This past summer transfer window illustrated that there are two realities: one reality in which a small section of rich clubs is spending millions on transfers and contracts, while in another reality a large section of clubs is desperately trying to keep their heads above water".

"Both realities have one common characteristic: the player is rapidly developing into a commodity, a piece of merchandise".

"For FIFPro, as the defender of the rights of all professional footballers worldwide, this is of course unacceptable. A professional footballer is an employee, a worker with legal rights".

"We organised our annual Legal Conference with this in mind. This time without a common theme,

but with several topics that have our utmost interest and that in our opinion need be shared and discussed with all our legal experts".


  Program 30th September 2014
14.00 h    FIFPro’s Secretary General Theo van Seggelen - Opening
14.15 Mark Hovell – CAS Cases: recent developments in the football related CAS decisions
15.00 Joao Nogueira da Rocha - CAS: recent CAS decisions in doping cases
16.00 Pieter Paepe - The Dahmane case in a an international perspective
16.30 Braham Dabscheck - The football regulations from an economic point of view
17.00 Juan Pablo Meneses - Niños Futbolistas: Research on the transfers of minors
17.45 End
  Program 1st October 2014
9.30 h Andrew Nixon - Third Party Ownership: an update on the TPO/TPI
10.10 Santiago Nebot - Third Party Influence: the Spanish regulation
10.30 Nicos Nicolaou - The new licensing system in Cyprus: an update
11.20 Wil van Megen - FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber’s practical issues
11.50 Jan Popma - Psycho-social harassment: soft law strategies to tackle harsh problems?
12.30 Theo van Seggelen - Closing remarks


Program subject to changes

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