2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Workload Journey Report

The report underlines how the domestic and international calendars in the women’s game remain uneven and fragmented, leaving many players in the countries where football is less developed forced to move abroad to improve, or face the prospect of not having enough matches to reach their potential.

Women's PWM Report WWC 2023


Guidelines and Mitigation Strategies for Hot Conditions in Professional Football

Elevated heat, humidity, and solar load combined with low air movement independently and additively impair performance, increase the perception of effort and the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Guidelines And Mitigation Strategies

2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifying Conditions Report

The report underscores the fragmented nature of Women's World Cup qualifying, highlighting vastly different pathways and conditions for players competing at the highest level in their confederations.

Qualifying Conditions Cover

FIFA/FIFPRO Social Media Protection Service Report: Qatar 2022 Analysis

FIFA and FIFPRO have released a report into the levels of online abuse aimed at participants during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with England v France quarter-final causing the largest spike.

FIFA SMPS Threat Matrix Front Page

Extreme Calendar Congestion: Adverse Effects on Player Health & Wellbeing

Overlapping competition schedules and elevated individual workload demands in the 2022/23 season are highlighted in a new FIFPRO report that warns of the impact on the health of professional players.

PWM 2023 Men's Report Cover

FIFA World Cup 2022: Post-Tournament Review and Player Survey

This report combines key data about teams and players with a survey of 64 footballers who played at the FIFA World Cup 2022 to gauge their reaction to the unprecedented mental and physical demands of the current season.

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FIFA World Cup 2022: The Player Workload Journey

The FIFPRO PWM Men’s Football Flash Report 2022 provides a snapshot of the unprecedented workload demands placed upon the game’s leading players.

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Playing Our Part: Managing Sustainable Player Impact

Many players want to get directly involved in work that extends beyond the pitch and generates positive impact on communities worldwide. Nevertheless, the landscape of challenges related to working on such initiatives is difficult to navigate for both current and retired players.

Playing Our Part (2)

Player Data: Managing Technology and Innovation

The Charter of Player Data Rights provides a response to the opportunities and challenges caused by new technologies, and is guided by leading legislation on data protection and privacy rights.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation

Headers and Concussions in Elite Football

Determining the exposure to headers and describing the effects of headers on ocular markers to observe the occurrence of concussions in elite men’s and women’s football training and matches.

Headers And Concussions

Post-Tournament Blues: Understanding Post-Tournament Mental Health

Post-tournament blues is the emotional drop that happens to players after a big competition, when they haven’t had the opportunity to fully process their experiences. This report looks at players' experience of post-tournament mental health.

Cover Post Tournament Mental Health

Women's EURO 2022: Workload Journey Report

In addition to historical comparisons, the report describes the various types of player workload journeys, showcasing the vastly different ways players prepared for the Women's EURO 2022.

UEFA Women’S Euro 2022 Workload Journey Report HIGHLIGHT

Decoding Online Abuse of Players 2022

The report exposes a significant threat to the mental health and well-being of today’s top athletes. It raises important questions about their workplace and what can be done to ensure they enjoy adequate protection as workers.

Decoding Online Abuse Of Players GREEN