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Community Champions

Players making a difference

FIFPRO's Community Champion series highlights a professional footballer’s activities that positively impact the lives of others.

What makes a Community Champion?

Helping Society

Away from the pitch, many footballers from around the world have displayed selfless acts of charity that help contribute to a more inclusive and resilient society. FIFPRO's Community Champion series gives players the chance to tell their story.

Across the Globe

FIFPRO highlights Community Champion stories of footballers from every continent, whether players are carrying out volunteerism or philanthropy at home or aboard.

Multiple Endeavours

From humanitarian aid and building medical clinics to shining the light on climate crisis and social issues, FIFPRO aims to profile players who have carried out a diverse range of goodwill, charitable work and bringing about a more inclusive society.

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Player story

William Troost-Ekong: "More footballers wearing boots made from recycled materials can make a difference"

With the help of sustainable football boot company Sokito, William Troost-Ekong completed the first international carbon neutral transfer when he moved from England to Italy in January 2023, a process which he replicated for his most recent transfer to Greece in July 2023.

William Troost Ekong Web

FIFPRO Merit Awards: Recognising the contributions of players to society

Player story

Marshall Munetsi: "The more I run, the more we raise for underprivileged children in Zimbabwe"

Marshall Munetsi plays for Stade de Reims. The midfielder donates 10 percent of his earnings to his foundation, which helps provide an education for underprivileged children in Zimbabwe. His club introduced a clause in his contract that would see them donate a further €100 for every kilometre ran by Munetsi during play.

Marshall Munetsi
Player story

Lennart Thy: "I saved someone’s life with a small gesture"

German striker Lennart Thy was selected Player of the Match for a game in which he didn’t play in 2018, after saving the life of a leukaemia patient by donating stem cells. Thy currently plays for PEC Zwolle in the Dutch second-tier.

Lennart Thy