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Education and Development

Education is a player’s right, not a privilege

Combining a playing career and education can cause stress and fatigue if the balance is not right, which might lead to an increased injury risk. Luckily, many player associations offer support to help players overcome these barriers and successfully combine a professional playing career with education.

What you should know

There is more than formal education

There are various forms of education: degrees, diplomas, or skill development. All forms help players to develop and one is not necessarily better than another.

Benefits of study

Studying while playing professionally has many benefits for players, such as reducing the pressure of football, increasing preparedness for the transition into a post-playing career, and developing other identities.

It will not be easy to study while playing professional

An education takes time and effort and managing multiple demands is very challenging.

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Player story

Alex Greenwood: "I'm excited where the women's game is going – but there's still more to be done"

While last month's Women’s Player Summit in Bilbao was the third hosted by FIFPRO, it was the first that Manchester City and England defender Alex Greenwood attended.

Alex Greenwood Jun 1