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Mind the Gap

Helping players take control of their next career

The Mind the Gap project aims to help players transition into a post-sport career of their choice. The project was led by FIFPRO and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

What you should know

Players take their future into their own hands

It can be challenging to combine education, development or work experience with a professional playing career but with determination, organisation and support, it can be done.

It is likely to boost your playing performance

Research by Professor David Lavallee at Abertay University, Scotland shows that players involved in post-sports planning are more likely to be selected for matches and enjoy a longer career.

FIFPRO is here to help

Our affiliated players associations provide support to help players prepare for a post-playing career.

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Mind the Gap: Enhancement of Competencies of Professional Players

Some 67 percent of professional footballers are not sure what they will do when they stop playing, according to a FIFPRO survey.

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Mind the Gap News

Sixty-seven percent of footballers unsure of second career path, FIFPRO survey finds

While 49 percent said they have “an idea” or “a few interests” that they might pursue, 18 percent said they did not know, the survey found. Only 33 percent said they were “confident” about their career path when they stop playing.


“The personal development stories of Giorgio Chiellini and many other players in the ‘Mind the Gap’ campaign are an inspiration to players around the world.”

— by FIFPRO Deputy Secretary General Simon Colosimo