Disciplinary and Sanctioning

How football's disciplinary system can be improved

Players should be held accountable for their actions, just like everyone else. However, any disciplinary measures should be collectively bargained to ensure players are fairly treated. Any disputes about punishments in football (such as red cards appeals) tend to be determined within the industry itself, with little regard for the regulations of general society.

What you should know

These decisions can impact a player’s career

With this in mind, governing bodies like FIFA should have to follow a proper judicial process to ensure that all repercussions of punishments have been fairly considered, such as loss of earnings.

All sanctions must be fair and proportionate to the perceived offence

Once decisions of this kind have been made, players must also have access to a proper appeals process where appropriate.

All disciplinary rules and sanctions should be negotiated either with FIFPRO or domestic player associations

This is the only way to ensure that players' lives are not unfairly disrupted, and that any punishments are justified and considered within the necessary context.

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