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How players can defend their rights within current frameworks

There are a variety of platforms within the football industry that deal with contract breaches and abuse of players’ rights. FIFPRO ensures that players are represented on these panels, and that their rights are properly defended in any disputes. Reaching a resolution in contract disputes can be a slow and costly process, which hinders development and can have a negative impact on individual players’ development.

What you should know

FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (FIFA DRC)

A FIFPRO appointed judge, as well as an impartial chairperson, is always present at FIFA DRC panels – ensuring that any decisions are a fair reflection of the laws within the industry.

National Dispute Resolution Chambers (NDRC)

FIFA has obliged that FAs all have their own NDRC so that the majority of disputes can be dealt with in-house. FIFPRO works to help these NDRCs deliver quick and unbiased legal solutions, as well as ensuring that players’ rights are upheld during the proceedings.

Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

CAS acts as a final route of appeal for decisions made in sport, but most of its tribunals are related to professional football. FIFPRO regularly advises players and their unions about the CAS appeals process and, where necessary, will take on cases directly.

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