No More Silence Abuse In Football

Sexual Abuse

A reliable framework is needed to protect players

Preventative measures are of the utmost importance, but in cases that a player has already been subjected to abuse, they must be heard and supported by the industry. Recently, several high-profile cases have highlighted the sports industry’s vulnerability to sexual abuse, throwing the level of protection afforded to athletes into question. All stakeholders – including governing bodies, competition organisers and clubs – have a responsibility to protect and support their players.

What you should know

Unique features of the football industry place players at a higher risk of sexual abuse

This includes coaching techniques requiring physical contact, and prolonged training hours – both of which can be used to disguise abuse.

FIFPRO advocates for a system of protection to be in place for all players

This includes safe and effective ways to report sexual abuse, assistance in resulting legal processes, witness protection and support programmes for those who have been subjected to abuse.

The sport industry still lacks effective, transparent and accessible protection

While important steps have been taken, the lack of regulatory oversight and safe reporting mechanisms, cases are often only brought to light once they have already reached a tragically high human cost.

Protect The Players

2021 Abuse in Football: Lessons Learned & Calls For Action

This report summarises FIFPRO's analysis of the conditions that allow sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse to continue, shares some of our learnings, and reaffirms our commitment to stand with players to fight for their safety and wellbeing.

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